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About us

Bob Cazet
President and Founder
(855) 843-8448

   ProFanGame is a subsidiary of Reality Sports USA, and in association with Alumni Football USA has put on over 1,000 full contact Alumni football games nationwide. We are currently in 24 states and have been in business for the past 29 years. We have helped raise over $870,000 for local communities around the country in the past 4 years. Everyone has a great time representing their team. We are proud to be a part of this phenomenon. In May 2012 there were fathers playing with sons and nephews, a high school football coach playing despite a prosthetic leg, a 50 year old who lost 68 pounds to play, a 19 year old coached the winning team, and a soldier flew in from Afghanistan to play- and that was just one game. Most guys wish for the chance, but don't know they can have it. The guys are always our first priority. They are why we do what we do. We have done games for over 75,000 players! There are thousands of guys out there who feel the same way, and our message to them is: you can also play. All they need to do is call us, get on a roster, pass the word to their buddies and we will do their game, help raise money for their schools, and give their communities (family, friends, and associates) a show they'll never forget. We are making memories, solidifying new relationships (20 year olds play with 50 year olds), and challenging men to help create better communities through these new relationships. This is a very fulfilling and gratifying position. I do not take it lightly. We work long hours and enjoy the "fight" everyday to get the message to guys that they can play again. Most guys can't and don't believe it is real, until they actually play. Like we used to yell in unison on those long , warm summer nights while we played football in the street and our mom's would yell it's time to come in, "One More Play!!!" That's all we are doing today..."One More Play..."

-Bob Cazet,

President and CEO, Pro Fan Game

Carlin Fortkamp
Operations Manager
(855) 843-8448

   Carlin resides in Sonoma County, California. He achieved the rank of Eagle Scout, and is a life member of the National Eagle ScoutAssociation. Carlin went on to earn his Bachelor's degree in Management, Graduated the Police Academy in 2008, and worked as a supervisor in Armored Transportation. In 2011 he joined the Pro Fan Game team. "From a business sense, I was immediately excited at this opportunity. Now we are blazing the way across the US, bringing Life back into Men's Lives, and raising much needed money for schools."

Team Coordinators
Darren Taylor
Team Coordinator
(707) 327-6079